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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum milwaukee

Lean Six Sigma has changed the way it is used and applied by practitioners and companies outside of traditional manufacturing. It is currently used in finance, healthcare, and education, and this is to mention only a few of the industries benefiting from the methodology. It’s safe to say it has grown steadily in America since its 1980s inception. However, this only leaves us with the question of how it happened. Well, the methodology has grown over the years due to how it helps achieve continuous improvement, and as experts at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Milwaukee High School Students of Wisconsin, we’re happy to offer all the information on how it happened and go into detail of where you can find Sigma today.

If you don’t understand what LSS is or how it can improve your professional and personal lives, it’s easy for people to get confused.

Let’s first mention that Lean Six Sigma blends 6 Sigma and Lean, as both offer principles and structures that promote continuous improvement and reduce waste.

LSS’s principles, values, and goals are also inspired by Japanese ideas, techniques, and methods such as Kaizen. They are focused on customer satisfaction and share the common goal of improving continuously, like the two main philosophies.

Six Sigma and Lean are crucial elements of the industry that not many people know, but they’re vital for those aiming to reach the goals related to growth, improvement, and remaining competitive.

Combining these two methods can increase productivity and customer satisfaction. LSS isn’t an easy combination and cannot be described as simple as that, but it can be a great place to start if you are familiar with Lean and Six Sigma or maybe not.

LSS is essentially the same as the other methods, but it addresses certain elements that are missing in comparison to Lean and 6 Sigma when people consider implementing them individually.

Lean Six Sigma can help companies and processes reduce waste and fix all problems that lead to them falling behind at the same time, and it will direct attention to how you can reach goals based on each company’s or even person’s needs.

Practitioners and individuals must adopt Lean Six Sigma principles to achieve the desired results. They also need to be able to use every structure according to the client’s goals and needs.

How Did Six Sigma & Lean Introduce LSS?

Let’s begin by explaining Lean.

This unique approach has proven to be the most effective for growth and improvement since the dawning of industrialization. It enhances each process by reducing waste while focusing on the essential steps. It maps every stream in a company in order to ensure all the resources are utilized in the right areas.

Businesses have used Lean principles to improve productivity, meet customer demand, and improve their bottom line.

Six Sigma, which is also known for continual improvement and waste reduction but primarily for identifying problems and solving them, was the second method that made LSS possible.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum milwaukee

Six Sigma can deliver outstanding results for companies using LSS due to the DMAIC structure.

This structure can be used to improve any aspect of a project. It doesn’t matter whether the industry is not in manufacturing or focused on that.

Six Sigma is valuable not only for companies but also for professionals and students because it has commercial and personal value. Companies and businesses should try to make use of LSS as much as they can, but practitioners will all be able to reap great benefits as they boost their personal skills while learning Sigma and being able to implement it.

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the best of both and adds its own values since it was founded on the understanding that growth does not have to be limited to manufacturing but that it can also be applied in other industries. However, its origins are rooted in the industry’s needs, and it is common to think that outside of manufacturing, it may not work.

Is It Worth Pursuing LSS Training?

Although it was mainly used in the manufacturing sector, many businesses and companies found practitioners and people that proved how valuable Sigma could be for their own needs regardless of the area or field they are in.

Training can be done by individuals and companies to increase their competitiveness in any industry. It is well worth the time and effort you put into training, and the certification for those who go over the process will bring more opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Milwaukee can help you obtain certification and training to help you enter the industry or instill a program with your students or employees.

A person who can learn everything is beneficial to companies all over the country. This information can be used to improve any project or cycle by adapting principles.

America’s LSS industry is growing, which means there are many other industries that you could work in. If you are looking for a career in manufacturing, education, and healthcare, those are already adapting the methodology and being part of its growth.

This opportunity is open to all. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the LSS industry’s continued growth as an individual or a company, we are here to help.